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What do high-quality switching power supply points

What do high-quality switching power supply points

The first step of switching power supply circuit design component layout. Circuit design layout is the first step in the production of switching power supply, high-quality switching power source is required a good circuit, component layout is arranged grade products, materials and design layout needs. Each switching power supply Shun are using the most sophisticated circuit design, products pass CE EMC ROHS and other testing. pcb board physical design is the first link, if improper design, PCB can radiate excessive electromagnetic interference, resulting in an unstable power supply.

The second is the material selection, the use of good components production out of the switching power supply has the following characteristics: small signal stability and long life quality is not the fault repair rate is small. Shun power components used mostly from imported materials, cooperation suppliers Fairchild Semiconductor NXP ruby ON ST Black Edition line and other international component manufacturers. From the source to eliminate the risk of occurrence, thereby leading to a high-quality switching power supply manufacturer's title in the true sense.

The third of the production process Shun production switching power supply have been AI plug plug-in production, wave soldering reflow. Achieve a real sense of high efficiency research and production of high-quality craftsmanship of the manufacturer. Small factories can not compare with the average, most of the small factories are not using such a relatively sophisticated production process, most still belong manual production phase, then the failure rate will be generated manually plug plug failure rate than the machine much more, this is one of Shun power quality characteristics.

The fourth point is the most important point is the last point, which is the last step before leaving the factory: detection packaging factory. Shun power of each switching power supply test systems have been three, the first test for bare board testing, the use of semi-finished plug after completion of the test the first pass. Assembled into the finished product after 4 hours after full load aging, aging tested after the completion of the last of a factory before. Then for packaging and shipping.

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