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Switching power supply works

Switching power supply works
Currently it includes two power types: linear power supply (linear) and switching power supply (switching). Linear power supply works is to first 127 V or 220 V mains via a transformer into low voltage, for example 12V, and after the conversion of low voltage AC power remains; and then through a series of diodes be corrected and rectified, and the low-voltage alternating current is converted to AC ripple voltage (Figure 1 and 2 with "3"); the next step is to filter ripple voltage through capacitor is completed, and then filtered through low-voltage AC power into DC current (with map 1 and 2 "4"); at this time was still not pure low-voltage direct current, there will be some fluctuations (such voltage fluctuation is what we often say that the ripple), so it needs or voltage regulator diode rectifier circuit is corrected . Finally, we can get the pure low-voltage DC output of the DC (Figures 1 and 2 with "5")
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