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3C certification inquiry and presentation

3C certification inquiry and presentation
3C certification from May 1, 2003 (later postponed to August 1) from the full implementation of the original product safety certification and import safety and quality licensing system abolished over the same period. Currently announced compulsory product certification system are "mandatory product certification regulations", "Compulsory Certification Mark", "The first mandatory product certification catalog" and "mandatory product certification-related notice "the problem. The first catalog included in the mandatory certification of products, including wire and cable, power adapter, charger, switches, low-voltage electrical appliances, power tools, household appliances, audio and video equipment, information equipment, telecommunications terminal, motor vehicles, medical equipment, security equipment. So far, it has released a number of products, in addition to the first directory, but also increased the paint, ceramics, automotive products, toys, switching power supply and other products. Note that, 3C mark is not quality mark, but only one of the most basic safety certification. CCC product quality certification, there are two: one is the safety of the product certification, through laws, administrative regulations or rules and regulations to enforce certification; the other is a qualified certification, a voluntary certification, whether to apply for certification, decided by the enterprises themselves.
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