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Check your charger when traveling overseas

Check your charger when traveling overseas
● to prepare in advance and the country voltage appropriate charger and power plug equipment.
Overseas travel photography is different from ordinary domestic travel, there are a few points should be noted. First of all, there are many countries using high voltage overseas, so when charging the power source is different from the domestic plug shape is not the same.
In the case of an 8mm camera, charging is, of course, local.
If you travel overseas with a charging power source that is commonly used in Japan, you need a transformer to change the voltage at the destination to 100 volts in Japan. The plug is also different from that in Japan, so you need to change the adapter. The equipment is sold in a package with the tour company. The charger can be used at any voltage up to 250 volts. But unlike in Japan, the socket needs to change its shape even if the voltage is right. There are currently six types of converters, so investigate the shape of the plug in the country you are travelling to and bring it with you, otherwise you will not be able to charge it at the destination.
Some restaurants on the trip have the same 100-volt shaving plug as in Japan in the washroom. But the plug can't be used to charge,
Power must be connected through the main jack in the room. Otherwise, the machine will not be able to be used the next day when the camera is shot. This must be noted.
It is generally believed that a picture can be projected simply by connecting a camera to a television set, but in foreign countries it is sometimes based on different TV formats
You can't see the picture. So it's a good idea to take a small color monitor with you when you're traveling overseas to check your images.
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