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Structural characteristics of laptop charger

Structural characteristics of laptop charger
Chargers and batteries are the power source of laptop and a necessary condition for mobile office. Laptop chargers and batteries have become the charging centers of portable electronic products, with the completion of various interfaces of laptop computers and the increasing requirements for portability and data exchange of various digital products. Hence the importance of laptop chargers and batteries. Since laptop charger and battery are relatively expensive, it is possible to extend the overall life of laptop charger and battery and reduce the cost of investment through proper use and good maintenance before failure and repair after failure. Based on this, this chapter introduces the principle of charger circuit of notebook computer which is composed of UC3844 integrated chip.
Basic circuit composition
The main features of charger are reflected in five aspects: first, the main conversion circuit is a single-tube power amplifier driving circuit composed of MOS FET tube (2SK727) and operated by inductive energy storage. Secondly, the current driven pulse width modulation components UC3844 in 5 v and 12 v dc power supply output voltage feedback control circuit, the output current feedback control circuit, 5 v and 5 v dc power unbalanced output since the protection circuit and output overcurrent protection circuit of power amplifier tube under the control of, the single tube driving amplifier circuit output PWM pulse; The third is with a perfect automatic protection circuit; Four is provided by the transistor and resistance capacitance components composed of P. C signal forming circuit, P. The amplitude of C signal is 5V; Fifth, the rectangular voltage pulse after power amplification is coupled by the high-frequency step-down transformer T1 and the corresponding rectifying filter circuit located in the T1 secondary winding to provide the notebook computer board with earth 12V and earth 5V dc voltage.
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