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Structure and working principle of power adapter and battery

Structure and working principle of power adapter and battery
The power adapter consists of a power cord, a plug, and a high quality power adapter circuit board. The power adapter circuit board is the core component of the power adapter. Power adapter is a kind of power conversion circuit that makes the electronic switch device in the state of on-off and off continuously through the relevant control circuit, so as to carry out pulse modulation on the input voltage and realize the purpose of ac and dc voltage conversion. The power adapter has the characteristics of adjustable output voltage and automatic voltage stabilization.
A laptop power adapter usually has a nameplate with basic information about the adapter, such as brand, origin, input voltage and current, output voltage and current, and cautions.
Different brands and models of laptops use different plugs, so the power adapter is usually not universal. In order to solve the problem of universality of the power adapter of notebook computer, some power supply manufacturers in the market have designed multi-standard plugs, which can be used by different brands and models of notebook computer. Figure 1-31 shows a power adapter for a multi-mode plug. The seven different plugs are basically compatible with the power ports of most laptops on the market.

(2) the battery
The lithium ion battery currently used in notebook computers, usually after two years of use there will be different degrees of aging problems, so that the laptop standby time shorter, mobile performance weaker. Usually, the solution is to replace the battery or the cell in the battery.
The main structure of the notebook power adapter includes: housing, core and control circuit board. The output voltage of a single cell is generally about 3.6v. When designing, the manufacturer usually USES series and parallel connection of multiple cells to obtain the output voltage of a battery of about ten volts. The main function of the control circuit board is to provide charge protection and feedback to the relevant circuit in the motherboard after the battery is fully charged to stop the charging process.
The parameters that describe the battery performance of notebook computer mainly include: battery type, battery capacity, battery voltage, external size, product weight, battery number and applicable model. At present, the battery type used in notebook computers is usually lithium ion rechargeable battery, and the battery capacity is usually between 2 000mA and 10 000mA, among which 5 000mA is the battery capacity used in mainstream notebook computers. Battery capacity is closely related to the number of cores. The larger the battery capacity, the larger the number of cores, and the larger the weight. So laptops have to be designed with a trade-off between battery life and weight.
Different laptop models can use different batteries, the main difference is that the input voltage of the required battery is different, and different laptop battery size is not the same, so the battery is not universal. When using or replacing laptop batteries, pay attention to the brand and model to which the batteries can be used.
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